Here at "Good Stories" you can find a copy of my existing book Harlems  Love and soon to come Harlems Love 2. Also photos, events, author bio, sales, book signing and more.

My first book. Very interesting. You wouldn't belive it was fiction. Definitely a page turner. Books


Growing up, Mike Theodore never thought his life would be so surprising or full of such unpredictable twists and turns. After losing his father to cancer at a young age, Mike and his family struggled. Soon after, Mike's mother's health also began to fail, forcing him to leave her in Maryland so he could pursue a new life with his Aunt and Uncle in New York City.

While living in NYC, an unfortunate turn of events occurred following Mike's high school graduation. Instead of pursuing a college career,  Mike and his best friend Steve decided to hit the streets to sell weed. Caught up in the drug dealing business, Mike never expected what came next: he fell in love with this girl.But she wasn't any regular street chick, she was a "Bum Girl."

A series of events bring Mike and this street girl closer and closer together- between the hustling, incarceration, and the streets they formed an unbreakable bond. Things were going good until the unexpected happened...


Coming Soon!!!

Hello. To all my friends and readers. I'm proud to announce that "Harlem's Love Two." is almost complete. My book is expected to be available  this summer. 

On the day of release, I will be hosting a book signing event. It will be from 12pm to 6pm followed by a book signing party from 8pm to 1am. During the day event I will tell small parts of my book without revealing the good stuff. Also there will be light beverages.

I will keep everyone posted.

Arthor Biography


James Malloy, 45, married, with two boys was born in the state of Delaware, but often traveled out of the small state to bigger states and cities. Along his travels he met different people who had similar ideals he had. It wasn't until later in life James decided to write.

Although the streets played a significant role in James life, he decided that there was time for a change. James enrolled into a Community College where he studied Culinary Arts. While attending college, James pursued a Literature Arts class where he discovered he had a talent and passion for writing. After college James decided to take his imagination seriously, writing his first fiction novel, "Harlems love."